What’s the weather in Charlotte like? Well, that can be a bit complicated to explainIn general, the citizens of Charlotte are blessed with some of the calmest weather in the United States. Every month of the year we can look upwards to see white clouds rolling past clear blue skies, though our seasons are distinct enough to allow us to enjoy the way they transform our environment. 

However mild things usually are, however, it’s important to note that the weather in Charlotte isn’t without character. There are certainly some important things you should understand about the weather in Charlotte, and our team of roofing specialists at Owl Remodeling have put together this guide to explain to you some important facts about the weather in Charlotte.

To get started, let’s take a look at these five things that homeowners should know about Charlotte weather.

1: Occasional Tornadoes

In April 2018, severe storms descended upon Charlotte and caused quite a bit of chaos. Power outages were widespread, and roofers in Charlotte were kept busy as trees crashed over homes and hail the size of golf balls shattered rooftops

As the foremost roofing company in Charlotteour team of expert roofing specialists has been working overtime to fix the rooftops across the Charlotte area. While storms this intense are rare in the area, we always encourage homeowners to reinforce their homes with top-quality, high-performance roofing products to prepare for more tornadoes and heavy storms in the future.

2: Charlotte is Frost-Free For Around 216 Days of the Year

Freeze-thawing can be a big problem for homes during the coldest months of the year, which can happen when it’s raining, and temperatures drop below freezing. In fact, freeze-thawing can cause major damage to rooftops, especially when they’re constructed with poor-quality materials and using shoddy installation practices. 

Luckily, Charlotte roofing isn’t affected as much by this phenomenon: residents experience 216 days of the year without frost, so the number of calls to roofing contractors is kept to a minimum

3: It Snows in Charlotte—A Little Bit

With an average accumulation of six inches of snow per year, Charlotte’s roofs are kept relatively free from the strain of the extra weight heavy snowfalls can bring. Of course, melting snow and ice can also result in bad roof leaks that a roofing company in Charlotte would have to remedy.

4Hurricane in Charlotte

Despite being a safe 150 miles from the Atlantic, Charlotte is not immune to hurricanes. In September of 1989,Hugo—a category five storm, made its way across South Carolina and into North Carolina, hitting the city of Charlotte. Hugo brought gusts of 63 mph winds with it, flattening some 80,000 trees in Charlotte and leaving thousands without electricity for weeks.

5: Charlotte’s Ice Storms

Charlotte is known for regulardevastating ice storms, which are more frequent here than practically anywhere else in the nation—due to the area’s unique geographical positioning. 

Cold winds travel into the area and get trapped against the nearby mountain ranges. The trapped, freezing air creates a phenomenon called “cold-air damming which is the perfect environment for ice to form. While most ice storms are mild, some can be very damaging to property and even dangerous—like the one in 2002 that killed over two dozen people and left well over a million residents without power.

While it’s true that Charlotte weather is mostly mild and pleasant, living here isn’t without its challenges. If you’re a homeowner in North Carolina, protecting your home with a reliable roofing company in Charlotte can help you stay dry throughout the year and avoid devastating damages caused by the random, wild-card weather of the East Coast.

For information on keeping your home safe in Charlotte, give us a call at Owl Remodeling today to speak with one of our professional roofing contractors about our services. You can also request a free, in-home pricing estimate by filling out our online form now.