Replacing your windows seems like a simple enough job. Afterall, the window comes completely intact from the manufacturer. All that is needed is installing it in the wall. However, this is no DIY job for novices. As an established Charlotte, NC, window company, Owl Remodeling has replaced and repaired many windows that weren't properly installed, resulting in a lot of hidden and not-so-hidden damage. 

If you are considering tackling that window replacement project without previous experience, take a quick look at these potential perils of a DIY window installation before you get started!

Super Drafty Window Replacement

There are multiple layers of weatherstripping and weather-resistant materials that are used when installing a new window. You are probably familiar with caulking around the window frame, but you might not realize that window flashing is needed underneath the sill to keep out wind and rain. DIYers can end up with drafty, leaky windows that need replacing anyway.

Unexpected Damage to Your Home

When you start demolition to remove that old window, you may accidentally tear out something that you want to keep. All too often over-exuberant homeowners have destroyed drywall, siding, insulation, and even the framing in an effort to replace or even install brand new windows. Even worse, if you don't realize that damage has been done, it will remain hidden underneath the walls and could lead to further deterioration of your property.

Potential Damage to the Window

Homeowners pay a lot of good money for quality replacement windows in Charlotte. You don't want to end up breaking that investment before you've even had a chance to use it. All kinds of things can go wrong during a DIY installation, dropping the window, cracking the glass, or just scratching and denting the frame. Keep this from happening with the skilled services of Owl Remodeling contractors instead of trying to do it yourself. 

While completing repairs and simple renovations around the home is a good way to save some money, it's vital that you realize when to hire an expert. Window installation is one of those projects that may be too much for the average homeowner. When you are ready to install a replacement window, the search for a window company near me stops at Owl Remodeling. Give us a phone call or fill out our easy online quote form to get started with a FREE, in-home consultation and price estimate for replacement windows.