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Bright Road in Charlotte
in Charlotte
I've got two leaks that have caused drywall damage. We have a flat roofed townhouse in Uptown. The heavy rains from Irma somehow caused a leak.
Royal Birkdale Ct in Charlotte
I have a leak around one of my chimneys. Owl Roofing install the roof in September 2016. I would like to have the leak repaired.
Seigle Avenue in Charlotte
Need siding replacement on the entire house. Preferably higher quality vinyl siding.
Vermilion Dr. in Charlotte
Roof Replacement and Siding Repair.
Tasse Place in Charlotte
Rotting frame causing infiltration of moisture from the outside and broken seals on the double panes
Teddington Dr in Charlotte
I'd like to get an estimate on new roofing and siding for my home.
Condon St in Charlotte
Requesting quote for vinyl siding install and material as well as fiber-cement install and material. 2 separate estimates. I can email you elevation pages.
Pimpernel Road in Charlotte
Siding repairs
Rock Island Rd in Charlotte
Would like to replace the windows in our house
Manbey Ct in Charlotte
Vinyl siding replacment
Carmel Forest Dr. in Charlotte
Roof leak
Wind Flower Lane in Charlotte
Roof leak in corner where roof over garage and second story meet in a corner. Possible roof repair or siding replacement. Leak has cause some water damage in garage and attic crawl space.
Elliott Rd in Charlotte
I need to replace my shingles on my roof . The current shingles have been on the roof for over 20 years. I am starting to have a few leaks. I will need financing as well. Please let me know next steps. Thanks
Larochelle Ln in Charlotte
Looking to replace asphalt shingles with metal roof
Asbury Hall Ct in Charlotte
Found a small roof leak at the intersection of 2 planes that is causing water to penetrate the attic and damage ceiling drywall. Would like to get fixed
Orton St in Charlotte
Looking to replace roof, but change the roof line to be uniform, across the width of the house. Would need new gutters as well
Valley Forge Road in Charlotte
Small roof leak causing a water stain on ceiling. possible nail or small roof hole needing repair before it becomes a larger issue.
Southend Drive in Charlotte
Leaking roof and needs to be fixed ASAP. Thanks~ Victoria
Yarmouth Rd in Charlotte
Damaged roof from hail some leaking. fascia and vent is wood, I want to switch to vynle.
Kings Canyon Drive in Charlotte
My small ground unit condo roof leaks and needs repair or replacement .
River Falls Drive in Charlotte
Looking to replace current wood siding with vinyl siding. i have had a couple of estimates already that i believe were incredibly high...looking for a reasonable honest estimate.
Thorncliff Dr in Charlotte
Need 15 windows replaced
Medearis Drive in Charlotte
Original Windows and cedar siding in need of replacement.
Carpenter Dr. in Charlotte
Water spots showing on ceiling.
Montford Dr. in Charlotte
Need aluminum siding replaced on the gables of my brick home.
Woodwedge Drive in Charlotte
Roof leak, water damage to siding and soffitts.
Water Oak Road in Charlotte
Replacing 30 windows
Inverness Rd in Charlotte
We have some possible leaks in our roof. In three spots the paint on the ceiling is "bubbling" up and flaking. Two spots are near where bathroom vent pipes go through the roof and the third is near the chimney. Wondering if it is an issue with the flashing. Would like to have it checked out. Roof is fairly new - June of 2010
Hewitt Drive in Charlotte
Need new roof looking at financing it. Would like an estimate.
Crestbrook Dr in Charlotte
Roof leaks
Lawyers Rd Charlotte, in Charlotte
Hello Owl Roofing, my name is Doris Mendoza ..Me and my husband just recently bought the house at 7486 Lawyers Rd Charlotte, NC 28227.. Am contacting your company for the roofing of the house..
Tench Street in Charlotte
Leaking roof. Need to replace roof.
Burton Street in Charlotte
Leaking Roof
Chiltern Hills Trail in Charlotte
I have a summer room with a flat roof (22x18) that I would like to get a metal flat roof quote on.
River Falls Dr in Charlotte
Roof needs replaced on house and garage but would like separate estimate. Also there is some facia and soffet that are rotten and want to know if you do that also. And a gutter estimate of you install them also
Hanna Court in Charlotte
Calling for an estimate on her porch roof and the porch itself. The company is to busy to schedule her now will call her in a week and half or so to see if she still needs a quote. No appointment set.
Quail Ridge Drive in Charlotte
Requesting an estimate for re roofing the house. Appointment set.
Inwood Drive in Charlotte
Requesting estimate on siding replacement Customer has used company in the past Appointment set
Ravencliff Drive in Charlotte
Looking for a metal roof over entrance asap.
Walkers Creek in Charlotte
Came home from a week's vacation to find a woodpecker eating his way through my masonite siding. You are doing a vinyl siding job for my next door neighbor. Is there any chance they might be able to look at the damage and give me a repair estimate? Thanks -Bill Moore.
Adaire Circle in Charlotte
Estimate for some windows. Looking for 8 full and one double Appointment set
Black Bear Ct in Charlotte
I am looking into roof replacement.
Henbane Ct in Charlotte
I need the roof replaced and a few flashings replaced.
Sunney Avenue in Charlotte
Caller looking for a roof replacement. Provided contact information. Appointment set.
Oak Forest Dr in Charlotte
Roof has two Leal and the inspector for my current company came to check it out but will not replace the roof. Part of a tree felt on my roof and did damage to it. Like to get a second look to it and with possible price to replace it. I would like to finance if possible because I was not ready for this.
Royal Birkdale Ct in Charlotte
I have had Owl do repairs several times. However, new leaks have developed in other areas. I now want to replace the entire roof.
Percy Court in Charlotte
Customer has a leak looking for a repair estimate. Over the daughters bedroom. The office will check appointments and call her back.
Marriman Avenue in Charlotte
Buyer looking for estimate on roof repair. Office will call client back to set appointment.
McClintock Road in Charlotte
Estimate needed for shingle roof Appointment set Referred by television
Elendil Lane in Charlotte
Looking for a window repair estimate. Has a leak from a window. Appt was set.
Sunpath Circle in Charlotte
Requesting estimate on roof replacement. Roof is currently leaking, 23 years old. Referred from TV commercial Appointment set
Persimmon Creek Drive in Charlotte
Caller looking for estimate for shingles repair on roof. Appointment set
Walkers Creek Dr in Charlotte
Calling to get an estimate for siding appointment booked
Sharpthorne Place in Charlotte
Requesting an estimate for a radiant barrier. Appointment set.
Squirrel Hollow Lane in Charlotte
Wanting to get a quote to replace a residential roof.
Peacock Ln in Charlotte
Replacement of roof working with insurance. I need a quote replace the entire roof, only partially paid by State Farm.
Cross St in Charlotte
Buying the house I rent at the moment and it needs some repairs new roof, windows, some tree limbs cut back and new gutters.
Softwood Ct in Charlotte
Need a quote for vinyl siding
Autumn Applause Dr. in Charlotte
Looking for quote for replacement widows inmy 2900 sq foot home. Installed in 1998. Thanks
Oakdale Green Drive in Charlotte
Ceiling/ roof leak in kitchen
Hugh Caldwell Rd in Charlotte
Siding, Windows, roof
Old Willow Rd in Charlotte
Roof leak and some water damage.
New Mark Ave in Charlotte
Replace several windows
Deer Spring Lane in Charlotte
Looking to get the wood trim wrapped and some siding replaced.
English Ivy Lane in Charlotte
I have multiple wi does that have rotten wood and siding around d them that needs to be replaced
Cardinal Ridge Ct in Charlotte
Would like to get windows replaced on my house.
Othello Place in Charlotte
Roof siding and some of the windows... We have a home that was built in 1975 and we are looking into gettag bids to fix it up
Glenburn Lane in Charlotte
The siding on the left side of our house, when facing from the street, has melted and we need a quote to repair it.
David Ave in Charlotte
Place tarp over damage spots
Knowlesly Road in Charlotte
Small leak over the out room. Spongy spots on roof. We don't want shingles any more if possible, we would prefer tin. We don't believe the roof has been on more than 10 years. Nail over 2nd layer
Fox Thorne Dr in Charlotte
I need an estimate on a new roof and also some siding repairs.
Belmeade Drive in Charlotte
A couple of the singles have broken off. I know I will need some sheating replaced but I don't know how much. At this point looking at asphalt shingles. My roof is 24' x 48' average pitch. thanks
Glenmac Rd in Charlotte
We are interested in roof repair or replacement quotes with a financing option.
Jenny Ann Dr in Charlotte
I hit a piece of siding with the string trimmer and need to replace a 6 ft. section.
Black Cherry Drive in Charlotte
Need to check for storm damage and/or free quote for roof.
Thriftwood Dr in Charlotte
I have a very simple, straight roof, no hips or valleys. It is approx 1100 sq ft. I currently have shingle roof with no leaks or damage, to my knowledge. I would like a metal roof if it is in my price range.
Morrowick Circle Dr in Charlotte
Need roof replaced. I have my insurance adjuster's estimate.
Erwin Ridge Avenue in Charlotte
I have a two story house and need approximately 5 feet of the loose ridge vent tacked down
Beardsley Drive in Charlotte
Vinyl repair and added insulation along overhang at back of house
Heatherford Dr in Charlotte
Need to replace window wrap and some soffit panels This not a rush job but would like price soon.
Elfreda Rd in Charlotte
House was built in 1989. Windows are aluminum (I think) - original (but some may have been replaced/repaired over the years. Some cannot raise up and down. Some have lost their seal. Possible replacement of patio doors or at least different type of window insert. barry
Cottonwood Park Drive in Charlotte
Siding, porch/columns/railings, convert tub to shower.
Duchamp Drive in Charlotte
I have a few rows of vinyl siding on one side of my house that have become discolored due to cleaning them with a solution containing bleach. I need these rows of siding replaced.
White Feather Lane in Charlotte
Facia Boxing with gutters.needs replaced. Estimate.
Beauvista Drive in Charlotte
Need a quote to replace siding that is decaying
Kennewick Rd in Charlotte
I am planning to replace my roof and gutters with a metal roof
Michaelangelo Ct in Charlotte
I'm looking to replace 8 windows. Remodel a bathroom - tub to shower remodel. Also, need for someone to look at my roof for a possible leak. Thank you
Parks Farm Lane in Charlotte
Would like to see about getting estimates for complete siding replacement (house and detached garage). On a very tight budget and also interested in what kind of financing or special offers you may have. Email is the best way to reach me. Thank you for your time.
Winedale Ln in Charlotte
Summerston Place in Charlotte
We have a palladian window, 4 transom windows that are fogged and/or have weatherstripping dropping into them. We also have one double hung window with a broken inside pane. Our house is on the market, so this is somewhat urgent to repair.
Amity Place in Charlotte
Looking for replacement windows on an older home
Charlotte in Charlotte
Need to vinyl ceiling on porch and garage and railing around porch
Donna Drive in Charlotte
Replacement windows
Whisperwood Place in Charlotte
Seems its long due and likely there are leaks.
Meadecroft Road in Charlotte
Would like estimates on gutters, and potential window replacement. Also could review bathroom remodel.
Tuckaseegee Rd in Charlotte
Have small leak in bedroom . from attic looks like busted board causing leak. board is about maybe 2 feet above leak
Tuffy Lane in Charlotte
My roof is almost 18 years old and needs replacing. I am interested in a quote. Thanks.
Scott Ave in Charlotte
Would like to replace the old windows with new vinyl - similar in looks.